This Mercenary Cabal is looking too help stop corruption, and bring justice and law too the Galaxy which seems choked with criminals and killers of all kinds. These Mandalorians and Merc Captains will hunt down anyone anywhere.
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 List of known Dark Star Hellions as of date of post

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Dred Furian

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PostSubject: List of known Dark Star Hellions as of date of post   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:17 pm

List of Scum too look out for from DSH or HFFH, lol what ever.

Scum too kill or arrest if we get the chance justice must come too them. Evil corrupt puppets of the BS and Empire

Shane Harley -
Xakic Jix - Ximaro's Brother/inner circle
Ximaro Jix - Leader
Xek'ail Saverem - Underboss/inner circle
Xer'rac Jobal - Krimson - enforcer/inner circle
KeLeo Kiffiax
Juan Vargez - Don Juan - Finance manager/inner circle
Toa Aotearoa
Kyota Navic
Xank Cro`lok
Crastus Snow
Knox Luvisi
Graphicvs Maximvs
Lucious Darksnout
Nexus Luvisi
Wayne Knight
Alan Mitchell
Xev Xeroe
XaBull Jix
Twanko Vann
Robert Reynolds
Danyy Deceyte
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List of known Dark Star Hellions as of date of post
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