This Mercenary Cabal is looking too help stop corruption, and bring justice and law too the Galaxy which seems choked with criminals and killers of all kinds. These Mandalorians and Merc Captains will hunt down anyone anywhere.
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 Brotherens of the Cabal Laws

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Dred Furian

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PostSubject: Brotherens of the Cabal Laws   Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:28 pm

No brother shall use another brotherens name or Rank in the open, IRC or such. Unless its Merc Captain.

No brother shall sell or give secrets of the Cabal or its members too other factions or groups of anykind. On penalty of Death

No brother shall commit treason, upon one another and be disloyal too his brothers or the Cabal. On Penalty of Death

No killing of your brothers for advancement in rank in are Cabal. We act as one too capture and kill, others. On penalty of Death

You shall not steal from one another.

more too come.
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Brotherens of the Cabal Laws
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