This Mercenary Cabal is looking too help stop corruption, and bring justice and law too the Galaxy which seems choked with criminals and killers of all kinds. These Mandalorians and Merc Captains will hunt down anyone anywhere.
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 Tradeing and buying bands

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Dred Furian

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PostSubject: Tradeing and buying bands   Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:18 pm

Trading with enemys of the Cabal, is illegal or purchasing equipment of any sort.

Groups and factions on Cabal Ban

Black Sun Syndicate Banquo Knox, Cait Catra, Jevon Lambright, Lex or Alexander Von duche what ever.

Dark Star Hellions and there leaders

Invisible Economy, another form of the DSH, and some people run it/ Dissolved know Good one down many too go.

Zann Consortium

Zann Interstellar C0.

Auroro Tech

Centerioun Arms

Akheton Vehicle Corporation

All Imperial affiltiates an there allies as well.

Mando'ade so many Sun members there they should just merge it
Don't know which is worse them or the fake Mandalore Tyr a Imperial puppet

These are all evil or have connection with the BS Syndicate

These are just a few, if you dont know for sure, check too see who is in the faction and such.
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Tradeing and buying bands
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